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26 March 2006 @ 04:38 pm
Outside of the House on Monday  
When Atlas is first opened by Arthur:

- picture of the House
- Detailed enough that it was “almost like a photograph”
- Next to the picture: “The House: An Exterior Aspect as Manifested in Many Secondary Realms”
- House as described:

o “Occupying a whole block”
o “enormous, ancient-looking house”
o “huge building made of stone, odd-shaped bricks of different sizes, and ancient timbers of many kinds and colors”
o “looked as if it had been extended and added to without thought or care, using many different styles of architecture”
o “had arches, aqueducts, and apses; bartizans, belfries, and buttresses; chimneys, crenellations, and cupolas; galleries and gargoyles; pillars and portcullises; terraces and turrets”
o “totally out of place” in a modern suburb
o “huge, crazy-looking house”
o “wall around it” – “slick, marble-faced wall about ten feet high, that looked smooth and very difficult to climb. There was no visible gate”
o “bizarre castle-like monstrosity that had replaced several city blocks”
o “too cluttered, complex and strange to reveal its many details”
o “too many different styles of architecture, too many odd additions:
o Onlooker “got dizzy trying to follow individual pieces of the House and work out how they all fitted together”
o “would start on a tower and follow it up, only to be distracted by a covered walkway, or a lunette that thrust out of a nearby wall, or some other strange feature”
o “very difficult to look at exactly the same place twice”

- “written much smaller… writing appeared, with an arrow that pointed to an inked-in square on the outer wall” – “Monday Postern” = “Monday’s gate in the otherwise seamless wall”
nottheprincess on March 27th, 2006 06:39 pm (UTC)
Should I draw this in color, or leave it in black-and-white?